September 24, 2019

Your First Year of Parenthood

For Infant Families

A young mother holds her baby while sitting on a furry rug.

Are you a new parent acclimating to life with a new baby? The first 12 months can feel like an emotional roller coaster — exhilarating, joyful, and overwhelming, all at the same time.

Don’t worry — you’re not alone! Most new parents feel that way, too.

Tune into the next Bright Horizons® family webinar, Your First Year of Parenthood. We’ll talk to parenting experts and podcast hosts Marti and Erin Erickson about navigating your new normal — from bonding with your baby, to preparing for that big transition of going back to work and starting child care, to finding me time in your busy days.

Marti Erickson – Dr. Marti Erickson served as director of the Children, Youth & Family Consortium at University of Minnesota. She specializes in linking research, practice, and policy in parent-child attachment, child abuse prevention, and children’s mental health.

Erin Erickson – Dr. Erin Erickson is a women’s health nurse practitioner and specialist in maternal-child health. She has extensive experience speaking and writing on issues related to maternal-child health and parenting.


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