Art Smart

You Light Up My Table

Ideal for Toddler, Preschool/Pre-K, School-Age

A plastic container with a light inside, and colored zip-lock bags resting on-top

This activity encourages children to demonstrate the use of their senses to explore and interact with the environment, and to use creativity and imagination.

Materials Needed:

  • Pan or container with a clear lid
  • Light source (string lights, flashlight, glow sticks, etc.)
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Zip top bag
  • Room with low light
  • Variety of paint tools (cotton swabs, old gift cards, combs, etc.)

Participants: This activity is intended for independent play


  1. Put the light source in the container and secure the lid (tape it closed for safety).
  2. Pour some paint directly on the lid (or for a mess-free version, put the paint in a zip-top bag and tape the bag to the lid to hold it in place).
  3. Move the paint around using a variety of interesting tools and your fingers (your imagination is the limit!)
  4. Press a piece of paper onto the finished painting to make a mono-print!
  5. Think of a creative way to display your creation!

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