Science Rocks

Water Fireworks

Ideal for Preschool/Pre-K, School-Age

Green food coloring dropped into water to make a firework like reaction.

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to:

  • Explore the different densities of water and oil
  • Make predictions, observations, and record results

Materials Needed:

  • Two transparent bowls or cups
  • Cooking oil (e.g., vegetable or canola)
  • Water
  • Mixing utensil
  • Natural food coloring


  1. Fill one bowl or cup of water.
  2. Measure two tablespoons of oil and pour it into the second empty bowl or cup.
  3. Use natural food coloring and squeeze as many drops and colors as you prefer into bowl or cup with oil.
  4. Using a mixing utensil, mix oil and food coloring until particles are separated, but not completely mixed.
  5. Pour oil and food coloring solution into bowl or cup of water.
  6. Make a hypothesis.
  7. Observe and record results.

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