Language Works


Ideal for Toddler

A young boy holds a toy wooden phone up to his ear and smiles.

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to listen to, understand, and respond to communication from others.

Materials Needed:

  • Two blocks, cardboard tubes, or another household object that is about the same size as a phone.

Participants: This activity is intended for adult/child interaction:


Young children love to pretend to talk on the phone and this activity helps them develop language and conversational turn taking. Keep the game short and stop before your child loses interest.

  1. Make a sound like your phone’s ring tone. Pick up the object. Say, “Hello. I am fine. How are you?”
  2. Hand the other object to your child. Say, “I’m talking on the phone. Would you like to talk too?”
  3. Say simple phrases and words. Encourage your child to respond or mimic your words.

When the game is over, leave the object out for your child to explore independently.

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