Sensory Skills

Soft and Hard Textures

Ideal for Infant

Baby sitting on the floor smiling and playing.

Babies learn about the world through sensory exploration. Use this activity to explore different textures together with your infant.

Materials Needed:

  • Common household materials with a variety of textures, e.g., cotton, silky fabric, smooth plastic, bumpy cardboard, or sandpaper.
  • Tray or bag


This activity is intended for adult/child interaction and supervision.


  1. Place the objects in a bag or on the tray. Show the materials to your child, saying each one’s name clearly. Rub the object and describe its texture. “This is soft, this one is hard.”
  2. Offer each object to your child to touch and explore.

Babies learn about the world through sensory exploration.

Supervise your child and avoid small objects that might pose a choking hazard.

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