Soccer Drills

Ideal for Preschool/Pre-K, School-Age

Four young kids play soccer in a green field.

Materials Needed:

  • Any ball

Soccer Drill Directions:

  1. The Clock:
    1. Feet shoulder width apart
    2. Take right foot and push ball towards left foot and repeat
  2. The Triangle:
    1. Set ball in front of your feet, feet shoulder width apart
    2. Take right foot and pull ball back and push it towards your left foot and repeat
  3. The Scissor:
    1. Put ball in front of you
    2. Take either foot and scissor around the ball, switch legs and repeat
  4. The Step Over:
    1. Plant both of your fee next to the ball
    2. Take outside foot and bring it over your inside foot and ball
    3. Take inside foot and bring it behind other foot and ball

Watch the video to see this movement activity in action below!

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