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Little Bear Goes to the Moon

Ideal for Preschool/Pre-K

Drawing of an open book.

Preschoolers will love reading “Little Bear Goes to the Moon,” a book that sparks literacy development and pretend play. Engage in conversations about the storyline, help your little one write a letter to Little Bear, or have a ‘blast’ building your own spaceship at home!

Materials Needed:


This activity is intended for adult/child interaction:


  1. Read the story with your child. Point out the fact that in English, we read print from the top of the page to the bottom and from left to right. Ask your child what she or he thought (and remembers) about the story. Did the book remind her of anyone? Was she surprised by the ending?
  2. If your child is interested, you could discuss a few additional topics. Point out words like moon and tree that have double letters. Or introduce onomatopoeia, which is when a word suggests the sound that it describes. Examples include plop, oink, or chirp.
  3. Help your child write a letter to Little Bear. Your child could offer advice on ideas for getting to the moon or making a space suit.

Extension: “Little Bear Goes to the Moon” is a wonderful story for sparking pretend play. Would your child like to pretend to go to the moon? How could he or she make a space helmet? Or a space ship? Think about items you have in your home, such as packaging envelopes, milk jugs, tubes, duct tape, boxes, wheels, or buttons. Even the bathtub or a spot under the table can become a space ship.

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