Math Counts

Hole in a Box

Ideal for Toddler

A cardboard box with a grapefruit sized hole cutout, and a yellow ball in the corner

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to use reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Materials Needed:

  • Shallow box that is small enough for your toddler to hold with two hands. (The lid of a bank box works well too.)
  • Small ball 3 to 4 inches wide
  • Scissors

Participants: This activity requires adult preparation and interaction.


  1. Trace the outline of the ball on the inside of the bottom of the box to the right or left of the center.
  2. Cut out where you traced and make sure the ball will fit through the hole.
  3. Give your child the box to hold. Place the ball in one of the corners of the box and ask your child if they can move the box to get the ball to fall through the hole. It’s important that you give encouragement instead of answers so your child can problem solve through this experience. You can give tips like, “What happens if you move the box slowly?”

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