Sensory Skills

Feel That Food

Ideal for Infant, Toddler

Mother and son cooking in kitchen. Son is learning texture of flour as powder is released into the air.

This activity encourages children to use their senses to explore and interact with their new foods. Very young children gain information about the world through sensory exploration.

Materials Needed:

  • An assortment of nutritious foods your family enjoys that children can hold, touch, manipulate, smell, and maybe taste (e.g. yogurt, cornmeal/flour, breadcrumbs, bananas, peas, applesauce).

Participants: This activity is intended for adult/child interaction.


  1. Place the materials on the table or high chair.
  2. Point to and label the foods and allow children to touch, hold, and manipulate the foods.
  3. Talk with children about the colors, textures, and tastes of the food.

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