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Exploring Water

Ideal for Preschool/Pre-K

A young girl in a pokadot dress plays in running water on the sidewalk.

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to demonstrate use of creativity and imagination in learning and play.

Materials Needed:

Participants: This activity is intended for independent play and adult/child interaction.


Step 1: Read “Harry the Dirty Dog,” or watch Betty White read it at Storyline Online (link above).

Step 2: Talk with your child about the story, the characters, and the plot. Harry had a big adventure, but he missed his family and decided to go home. He was happy to have a bath. Where would your child want to go if she were Harry? Would she like getting dirty?

Step 3: Look for elements in the story that interest your child. Let him pretend those scenarios from the story, such as doing somersaults, climbing through a cardboard box or tunnel, making a pretend vegetable stand, or hanging clothes on a rope with clothespins. Fill a bowl with water and let your child wash her toys, or fill a bucket with water and offer a paintbrush so she can “paint” a fence outdoors. Use scrub brushes to scrub the bathtub or let your child help clean produce for dinner.

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