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Dinosaur Checkers

Ideal for Preschool/Pre-K, School-Age

Toy dinosaurs arranged on a table | Bright Horizons

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to demonstrate the use of creativity and imagination in learning and play. Through board games, children develop language, focus, and social skills such as turn-taking.

Materials Needed:

  • Checkerboard game or a checkerboard grid drawn on paper
  • Small toy figures to use as pawns, such as dinosaurs, vehicles, or animals (or small crackers, cereal, or other food items)

Participants: This activity is intended for adult/child interaction.


  1. Make sure you have two types of toys or food items, one for your child and one for yourself. They should be different enough that you can clearly identify them.
  2. Set the pawns on the checkerboard.
  3. Show your child how to play checkers using these silly pawns. When one of the pawns becomes a “king,” add a piece of tape, a sticker, or a paper crown.

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