Sensory Skills

Animal Sensory Tray

Ideal for Infant , Toddler

Two children play with toy animals and wooden blocks to make a zoo

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to use senses to explore and interact with the environment.

Materials Needed:

  • Animal figurines
  • Cookie sheet or tray
  • Natural materials, such as sand, smooth sticks, stones, water, moss, plants, etc.
  • Household objects and toys, such as blocks, cardboard tubes, boxes, or mirrors.

Participants: This activity is intended for adult/child interaction


  1. Place a few natural materials and household objects on the tray to create a habitat for the animal figurines.
  2. Add the animals and show your child how to pretend with them. Demonstrate how to use the materials, e.g., make the blocks into mountains or the cardboard tubes into caves. Show how to pretend that an animal is looking for food or taking a nap.
  3. Let your child take over the pretend play and follow their lead. Ask questions, make comments, or offer more support if your child seems unsure. Back out if your child seems confident. Add or replace materials to keep the learning fresh.

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