Language Works

Alphabet Bingo

Ideal for Toddler , Preschool/Pre-K

Bingo card with different letters in each square. Colored markers are covering some squares that have already been called.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen, marker
  • Small items to use to cover letters on Bingo card (e.g. Duplo®, Lego®, or cube blocks work well)
  • Any letter play pieces you have (e.g. magnet letters, puzzle letters, or you can write letters on small pieces of paper)
  • Bowl


  1. Print the attached Bingo card template or draw a grid that is five rows across and five rows down.
  2. Write a letter in each square. Put the letters in a bowl.
  3. Pick a letter out of the bowl and call it out. If your child has that letter on their card, they can cover it with a small item.
  4. Cover five in a line to win!
  5. As an extra challenge for children who are ready, have your child come up with a word for each letter you call out.


Since toddlers aren't developmentally ready for Bingo, here's an activity to enjoy together. Find pictures of animals and make the animal sounds with your child. You can also slowly make letter sounds. Play this way, repeating sounds until your toddler loses interest.

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